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Upcoming Journeys

It’s a busy time coming up for us with our upcoming journeys. We are pretty well booked solid for the next 2 years from a time and money point of view.

Of course, if the right opportunity pokes its head up, I’m sure we will find a way to squeeze it in but for now, here is what we have coming up.

Upcoming Journey 1 – Road Trip

a map of australia with text


This is going to fun – a 4 week road trip up and down the east coast of Australia. Starting and finishing at our home depot of Brisbane, we will drive over 5,000 klm’s and visit some popular destinations and places we had never heard of.

Destinations include Ballina, Newcastle, Sydney Canberra, Melbourne, Bourke and Cunnamulla just to name a few

All 17 of the different hotels we will be staying in for this trip have been booked through and they range from rough and ready 3 star in the bush, to very nice 4.5 star in the capital cities and a cabin in a caravan park.

Stay tuned here and on on our YouTube channel at for all the latest fun.

Upcoming Journey 2 – Back To Bali

Off to Bali again

There is no such thing as too much Bali in our book and at long last we are heading back!

The ol’ Covid pandemic really put our trips to Bali on hold and we have been living with withdrawals since our last trip in November 2019.

We love Bali and have been many times. To check out some of our adventures, head over to our most popular post about What to do in Bali and of course we are staying at our home away from home Bali Ginger Suites & Villa. 

We are looking for a new driver for this trip. We want to explore more non touristy destinations and “off the beaten track” places this trip.

Please don’t hesitate to drop us a comment in you have a driver to recommend or a must see location.

Upcoming Journey 3 – Cruise Time!

Our favourite ship - QUantum Of The Seas

Anytime on a cruise ship is a good time in our book which means this will be great!

3 back to back cruises on what is probably our favourite ship, the beautiful Quantum Of The Seas.

As per usual we will be cruising out of Brisbane meaning there are no no new destinations on these cruises. But for us, the ship is as important as the destinations. In fact we will hardly get off the ship during these cruises, taking advantage of a quiet ship on port days to get cheap(er) massages etc.

We start with a domestic cruise, then international and finish with a domestic cruise. It will be interesting to see how customs operates around the international middle cruise. Regardless of who we talk to, we get different answers and experiences. We will keep you posted.

If you want to know about the incredible dining on this ship check out our complete review here or on YouTube

Upcoming Journey 4 – Bucket List Trip On The Ghan

Luxury train travel on The Ghan

Bucket List time!!! We were supposed to do The Ghan last year in September when I had my little episode in intensive care at the Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital.

It’s so popular, we couldn’t get on until late 2025 and we can’t wait! This has been a huge bucket list item of ours for many years.

We have plenty of time to work out what we will be doing before the trip in Adelaide and after we finish in Darwin. Kakadu National Park is definately on the list. Is there something else you would recommend? We are open to suggestions.

Bucket List Upcoming Journeys

We are in heavy planning for one of our ultimate bucket list trips – Alaska & Canada!

The plan is for 2026 budget permitting. We intend to tick off most items

  • Rocky Mountaineer
  • Alaska Cruise
  • Alaska land tour
  • A tour extension to cross the arctic circle and see the northern lights
  • See all the land and water based animals such as bears, moose, whales and orca’s

What are the absolute must see and must do activities you would recommend?

Upcoming journeys - bucket list trip to Alaska



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