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How to Fix Travel Booking Issues and Reward Yourself with Stress-Free Trips

Has this ever happened to you? You plan a dream holiday, book a cruise or accommodation, and eagerly anticipate an amazing adventure. But suddenly, everything goes awry, and your travel booking becomes a nightmare. Frustration sets in as you face complications with deposits, transfers, and customer service.

If you’ve experienced this, don’t worry – we’ve been there too. In this guide, we’ll share our own story of a problematic booking and reveal a simple, stress-free method to fix travel booking issues, saving you time and headaches.

Our Screwed Up Booking

Picture this – we had just enjoyed a fantastic Royal Caribbean cruise (check out our balcony cabin review here) and bought next cruise certificates, which promised significant savings for future voyages. Excited to book another adventure, we planned three back-to-back cruises, totalling 14 days.

Two cruises were reserved with no issue, but the third one, which was supposed to use the next cruise certificate, turned into a frustrating ordeal.

Customer Service Hurdles

Here’s where things got complicated. We had purchased the next cruise certificate directly from Royal Caribbean, and our travel agent, Sharon, couldn’t apply it to our booking. Normally, this wouldn’t be an issue, as we had used future cruise credits with other cruise lines through Sharon without any problems.

However, Royal Caribbean’s system worked differently, and we found ourselves unable to transfer the booking after making it ourselves. The system had mistakenly taken the purchase date of the next cruise certificate as the booking date, creating a 30-day restriction for transfers.

Reaching the Breaking Point

Needless to say, frustration levels skyrocketed as we made countless calls to the customer call center, achieving nothing but dead ends. It felt like a never-ending cycle of frustration, and we began contemplating cancelling the entire trip. We had never experienced travel booking issues of this difficulty before.This was supposed to be an enjoyable experience, not a source of stress and disappointment.

Discovering the Travel Booking Issue Resolution Process

Before giving up, we remembered a powerful method that had helped us in the past with problems with online booking systems. It involved reaching out to senior personnel who genuinely cared about customer satisfaction and had the authority to resolve issues effectively.

LinkedIn to the Rescue!

Taking a leap of faith, we turned to LinkedIn to find a contact at Royal Caribbean who could assist us. After some searching, we found a person in a senior role who seemed willing to help. Writing a polite and detailed message, we explained our problem and the desired resolution.

How to Resolve Travel Booking Issues on LinkedIn: A Step-by-Step Guide

Create or Log In to Your LinkedIn Account: If you don’t have a LinkedIn account, create one for free here. If you already have an account, log in to access the platform.

Use the Search Bar: Once you’re logged in, head to the search bar at the top of the LinkedIn homepage.

Search for the Company: Type the name of the travel company or cruise line that you’re having booking issues with into the search bar

LinkedIn Company Search

Filter by People: After clicking on the “All Filters” option, select “People” from the left-hand side. This will narrow down your search results to individuals associated with the company.

LinkedIn People Search

Explore the Profiles: Scroll through the search results, looking for someone in a senior role, sales, or customer service, preferably with a “message” box next to their name. This indicates that you can direct message them.

Connecting on LinkedIn

Direct Message the Contact: If you find a suitable contact with the “message” box, click on it to open a direct messaging window. Compose a polite and detailed message explaining your booking issue and what you hope to achieve. Remember, being courteous and concise can improve your chances of getting a helpful response.

Message someone on LinkedIn

Connect or Follow: If you can’t find a contact with a “message” box, you can still try to reach out by connecting with them or following their profile. After they accept your connection request or follow back, you’ll be able to send them a direct message.

Connect with people on LinkedIn

Compose the Message: When sending the message, reiterate the problem you encountered with your travel booking and kindly request their assistance in finding a resolution.

Messaging contacts on LinkedIn

Be Patient: After sending the message, be patient and allow the contact some time to respond. Keep in mind that senior personnel may have busy schedules, but most professionals on LinkedIn are receptive to addressing customer issues.

Positive Response: With any luck, you’ll receive a prompt and helpful response from the contact. They may take personal ownership of your case and work to resolve the issue in your favour.

Successful Outcome: Once your booking issue is resolved, express your thanks to the contact for their assistance. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your travel plans are back on track and stress-free.

Success: A Stress-Free Outcome!

To our delight, the LinkedIn contact responded promptly and took personal ownership of our case. Within 24 hours, our cruises were successfully transferred to Sharon, our travel agent, putting an end to the agonizing booking process. The relief was immense, and we could finally look forward to a stress-free cruise adventure.

To Wrap Up

Has this ever happened to you? Have you found yourself in a similar situation, feeling the frustration of a botched travel booking? We know how disheartening booking problems can be when your dream trip turns into a logistical nightmare. But remember, there’s a simple and effective way to resolve these issues.

Next time you encounter a travel booking issue, don’t lose hope. Instead, consider reaching out to senior personnel on LinkedIn or through other channels. Polite communication and a clear explanation of the problem can yield positive results.

Travel is meant to be an enjoyable experience – a chance to reward yourself for years of hard work. Don’t let booking issues rob you of that joy. Armed with our resolution process, you can overcome obstacles and look forward to creating unforgettable memories on your stress-free adventures. So, go ahead and plan your next journey with confidence, knowing that even if challenges arise, there’s a solution just a few clicks away. Bon voyage!

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