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Best Travel Adaptor For Charging All Devices In 200 Countries

When travelling, you never know what sort of travel adaptor you will need.

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Are you sick and tired of carrying around a big bag of assorted power cables, chargers, power boards, and adapters on your travels, never knowing which one you’ll need?

If you have been in that situation before keep reading as I will show you something that will absolutely blow your mind and change your life when travelling in the future.

I know the struggle of dealing with device overload all too well. We’ve done a lot of travelling all over Australia and internationally. It can be an absolute nightmare when you get to your accommodation trying to figure out how you’re going to get everything charged up.

What Is A Travel Adaptor?

When travelling internationally, you will very quickly realise that different countries, different planes, and different ships all have different types of power points.

Without a travel adaptor, you will be left with flat batteries in your electronic devices and find yourself running around trying to find an adaptor.

What Is The Difference Between A Travel Adaptor And A Normal Charger

There are a few differences and they are important to understand.

A normal charger such as your phone or watch charge has one end that plugs into your divide and the other end that plugs into the charging point. A travel adaptor has multiple plugs you can plug into, ensuring you always have access to mains power to charge your devices through your travel adaptor.

Without the adaptor, it is common to not have either the right plug or an adaptor to suit the style of the plugs where you are staying. This happened to us many times in our early travels before we found our perfect travel adaptor.

Travel Adaptor Works In Over 200 Countries

That frustration is all in the past now. These little power travel adapters you can now buy on Amazon are absolute game changers they work in 200 countries around the world.

travel adaptor works in over 200 countries They come with all the different USA, Euro UK and Australian adaptors. All the different adapters that you need regardless of where you’re staying. One adapter that works in over 200 countries around the world.

These travel adaptors will plug into whatever PowerPoint is available with their multiple-pin options operated using the simple mechanism on the side.

travel adaptor works in over 200 countriesBuy On Amazon By Clicking Here

What Can You Charge With This Travel Adaptor?

The versatility of this adaptor is a big deal and what you can charge with it is super impressive.

They all come with multiple assorted USB charging points. Plenty of different options including USB A & C.

power travel adaptor

On the back of the travel adaptor, you can plug in your normal accessories whether it’s your laptop charger your shaver a hairdryer. Whatever it is you can then run that through your normal plugs on the back.

So you’ve got the best of both worlds 200 countries, one travel adapter and plenty of USB charging points.

You can buy cheap ones for about $12 or $13 on Amazon. We do recommend spending a little bit extra. The ones we recommend are around $30 to $40 dollars.

🌍 The Ultimate Travel Adapter: Power Up Your Devices Anywhere In The World! 🌟

Which Travel Adaptor Is Best For You?

As with all our recommendations we say;

  • Don’t buy the cheapest
  • Don’t buy the most expensive
  • Buy in the middle with the best value for the options available

We recommend this 65 watt one that will ensure you get maximum throughput of power and maximum quick fast charging of everything. It comes with a 10 watt fuse as well so you get a bit of protection for your equipment if there is anything funny going on with the power supply at your accommodation.

These travel adaptors are absolute game-changers. Life is so much simpler now when packing for our travels.

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Do These Travel Adaptors Work On Cruise Ships?

You bet they do! Not only do they work but you don’t have to worry about are the surge guarded? Will they get through security or get confiscated? If my power board gets confiscated, how will I charge my phone etc.

Here’s a list of banned items on some of the cruise lines. All lists include power boards and surge guards.

All of these issues are completely irrelevant with these travel adaptors. They are welcome everywhere and work perfectly wherever you are.

Pauline and I just spent two weeks on Royal Caribbeans’ Quantum of the Seas sailing from Brisbane to New Zealand. We took two of these Lencent power travel adaptors with us. We managed to keep two iPhones two watches a GoPro, two power Banks and an iPad all fully charged.

In my opinion, spending $30 or $40 dollars on one of these is some of the best money I have spent on accessories in a very long time. They are so simple to use, work anywhere and just do what they are supposed to do very well.

If you would like to get one for your next adventure, I’ll drop some links to Amazon USA and Amazon Australia for you to work out which one is perfect for your needs. Of course, these are affiliate links meaning I will make a very small commission if you do purchase but it has no impact on the price you pay.

Amazon Link

Buy On Amazon By Clicking Here

  • The above links are affiliate links meaning I will make a small commission with any purchases.

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