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Best Accommodation In Seminyak – Bali Ginger Suites and Villa

Best Accommodation In Seminyak — Bali Ginger Suites & Villa

If you and your special someone are looking for the ultimate in relaxation on your Bali holiday, you can’t go past Bali Ginger Suites & Villa for the best accommodation in Seminyak. Forget the 5 star mega resorts and the hundreds of kids running wild, head to a quite refined boutique hotel to get the best personalised service on the planet.


If you are asking yourself where should I stay in Bali for the first time? We believe the location of Bali Ginger Suites & Villa has the best of everything.

  • Close to the airport
  • Easy walking distance to the incredible beach
  • Away from Kuta and the thousands of 18 to 30 year olds on drunken benders
  • A multitude of great eateries and bars within 10 minutes walk from 5 star to family run Warungs
  • Only a short taxi ride from several large “western” type shopping centres full of name brand shops
  • Central location for tours. Head north, south or east with ease.

Bali Ginger Suites & Villa is just off one of the main streets in Seminyak and very quiet and protected. You are only 2 minutes from an ATM, chemist, Doctor, hundreds of shops and restaurants but nestled in a peaceful oasis.

Location Rating

five star rating

Airport Pickup

Getting around Bali can be intimidating, especially at the international airport when you arrive for the first time. To overcome this and ensure you are whisked away and start your holiday on the right foot, Bali Ginger Suites & Villa pick you up from the airport (minimum 3 night stays required). You just need to look for the smiling, friendly driver holding a board with your name on it, and you are off and running in minutes.

In Bali, travel time always comes with the qualifier – depending. “How long will it take to get to the hotel?” and the answer will be “20 to 30 minutes – depending” and the depending is referring to the traffic.

I love the traffic in Bali! It’s crazy and confusing, but it works so amazingly well. So, in 20 to 30 minutes, depending, you will arrive at the magical oasis that is Bali Ginger Suites & Villa

Check In

After your driver has made his way down the private, short driveway, your true Bali experience will begin with the friendliest check in staff we have ever encountered.

A cold welcome drink of fresh juice will cool you off while you work through the formalities in the small but comfortable reception area.

Of course, if you are still thirsty, feel free to grab an ice cold Bintang beer or cooler and charge it to your room.

I’m sure it won’t be the last!

While checking in, make sure to grab a couple of power point adaptors, so you can keep your phones and other electronic devices fully charged.

There is a small deposit required for the adaptors, which is refunded on check out.

Once the formalities are over it’s time to head to your room to unpack and start your holiday in earnest.

Make your way to either a Poolside Suite, Balcony Suite, the Double Happiness Suite or Bali Ginger Villa, the breath taking 2 bedroom private villa, the choice is yours.

Make sure you connect to the free WiFi. It’s fast and very reliable. No problems keeping everyone up to date with your adventures on Facebook & Instagram.

If you feel like having a lazy day in your suite, ask reception for a dvd player which they will happily provide. Then pick a movie or 2 from the extensive library and you are good to go.

Check in and bar at Bali Ginger Suites and Villa
Reception area along with the bar


Airport Pickup & Check In Rating

five star rating

Accommodation at Bali Ginger Suites & Villa

We have been fortunate to stay in several different suites on our multiple stays. I’ll detail some of the differences.

The one thing I can guarantee is there are no bad suites. All the accommodation will exceed your expectations.

Bali Ginger Suites Poolside

Suites 1, 2 & 3 on the right side of pool as you enter. They come complete with a large, well appointed bedroom with an amazingly comfortable bed, small desk/working area, a programmable safe for your valuables and a private outdoor bathroom – more on this later. The bedrooms are also equiped with excellent air conditioning.

Outside the bedroom is an undercover, protected beautiful private garden seating area with a couch/day bed, table and 2 chairs and a small kitchenette with full size fridge.

Even on the hottest, most humid days we have found the efficient ceiling fan here keeps the area very comfortable.

All suites come with a water chiller that you keep topped up with fresh bottled water from one of the nearby convenience stores. A word of warning – do not drink the tap water or you may end up with a dose of the dreaded Bali belly.

The living area of the poolside villa’s numbers 1 to 3 is a perfect slice of paradise. Beautifully decorated, generous furnishings and calming plants and gardens make these suites heaven on earth

Suites 4 & 5 are over the pool bridge on the left-hand side. They are similar except for the seating area being outside under the roof extension as shown in the background of the pool photo.

They have the same bedroom layout with an amazing bed and similar outdoor but private bathrooms.

We have stayed in both these suites and our preference is for suites 1 to 3 on the right hand side of the pool.

We loved the extra privacy that came with the seating/eating area being inside our suite. We also made good use of the very large and comfortable day bed for an occasional grandpa nap on our relax days.

Large smoked glass sliding doors can be shut and locked, leaving you in your own private paradise, far away from the normal world. Opening these doors you are only a couple of steps from the magnificent pool and the numerous day beds. Pool towels are free and in plentiful supply.

The pool is shallow at each end while under the bridge it gets to around 1.8 mtr’s. There are a couple of built in seats and plenty of room to relax or gently swim a few laps.

Maintenance of the pool is taken seriously and it is always crystal clear and clean. Kudos to the staff for this.

The pool area is surrounded by tropical plants and palms which contribute to the feeling of serenity that epitomises what the owners of Bali Ginger Suites and Villa have set out to provide for their guests.

These suites on the right hand side of the pool are our favourites, and we believe they are the best accommodation in Seminyak. They truly tick all our boxes.

Pool side suite at Bali Ginger Suites and Villa
View from our favorite poolside villa

Room Features

No review would be complete without talking about the amazing beds!

These incredible, cloud soft but supportive beds played a role in us deciding to stay time after time at Bali Ginger Suites & Villa. 

The beds are placed on what I would describe as a pedestal base which doubles as a seat and a storage area for phones and tablets.

The linen is superb and the beds are made to perfection with twice daily servicing.

Each suite comes with an adequate desk, TV and mini safe for your valuables. 

The amazing beds at Bali Ginger Suites & Villa - The best accommodation in Seminyak
The glorious bed – like sleeping on a cloud
Bali Ginger Suites and Villa desk and TV
Writing or working desk and the TV

The (Semi) Open Air Bathrooms & Showers

Pauline and I agree 100% on this and despite talking it over many times we haven’t been able to come up with an answer to why we love the semi outdoor (but very private) bathroom and shower.

The rain head shower is incredible and watching the water drain away naturally over rocks is hypnotic.  The fresh air and the greenery from the nearby garden is beautiful.

Only one of the suites comes with a bath but the others have an amazing outdoor shower and it really is amazing despite many visits it is still one of the things we look forward to.

The towels are always amazingly soft and sparkling white. The handmade bamboo towel rail is a great piece that adds to the atmosphere.

There is no shortage of steaming hot water but it can take a minute or two to make it to the furthest room but no big deal. You’re on holiday and operating on Bali time, so relax and enjoy the incredible open air shower.

There is complimentary body wash, shampoo and conditioner provided in the convenient dispensers in the shower.

Being picky, but one small issue is there is a slight lack of storage space in the bathroom. There is a shelf over the sink for the obligatory toothbrush etc and a shelf on the opposite wall which houses the complimentary hairdryer with room to spare. As a simple man, there is plenty of room for myself but Pauline and her extensive range of skincare and makeup would like a little more storage.

Outdoor shower and bath at Bali Ginger Suites and Villa
Bali Ginger Suites Poolside 3 – HOT TIP This is the only suite with a bath

Bali Ginger Suites Balcony

Above reception are 2 double suites, each with a private balcony to enjoy the sunsets each evening. There is no lift but as it’s only one flight of stairs, I don’t see it as an issue.

Otherwise, the suites are very similar with the same bed and general layout of the poolside suites.

Double Happiness Suite

Entry to this magical oasis is through 2 majestic old world timber doors. Once inside, all your worries will instantly just melt away.

The suite is huge, again with an outdoor, but fully covered, sitting area with I think the largest day bed I have ever seen.

The separation between the outdoor and indoor areas is with full height floor to ceiling glass giving the feeling of space.

The bed is the same as in the other suites, you just have a lot more room. The shower is unfortunately an indoor, not an outdoor one, but again there is an abundance of space.

We absolutely love the decor and layout of the Double Happiness Suite. A large desk and TV, comfortable sitting areas and decorative bird cages. The high ceiling with exposed timber beams is unique and helps with the feel of spaciousness.

Despite being a large open plan area, the air conditioning works incredibly well, ensuring you can cool off at the end of a day spent exploring everything Bali has to offer.

Best Accommodation in Seminyak - Bali Ginger Suites & Vila Double Happiness Suite

Bali Ginger Villa

This private, self contained, 2 bedroom villa encapsulates everything that is great about Bali. 

There are 2 large bedrooms separated by the open air kitchen and living area with a crystal clear private pool just steps away. The architecture, the decor, the quality of everything is absolutely top shelf. When you see brochures promoting Bali and the luxurious private villas available, this is what you are seeing.

Both bedrooms are private and can be secured at all times. The same beds are used in the Bali Ginger Villa as in the Poolside suites and they are simply sensational.

The bedrooms are large and impeccably decorated. Spending time here really encourages complete relaxation and calmness.

The lounge, dining and kitchen areas are quite spacious and come fully equipped with everything you will need during your stay.

A private courtyard with Frangipani’s surrounding the pool makes spending time relaxing poolside on one of the enormous daybeds with a book and a cold drink the most serene experience imaginable.

When looking for seminyak accommodation villas it really is hard to go past this little piece of paradise. Great location, quiet and private with wonderful amenities. It really does have it all.

Does life get better than this? I doubt it.

The best accommodation Seminyak is Bali Ginger Suites and Villa
Private Pool For 2 Bedroom Villa

Accommodation Rating

five star rating

Special Events & Extra Pampering

Nothing is too much trouble for the staff. We celebrated our wedding anniversary on one visit and a couple of days in advance I asked if they could do something special in our room while we were out for the day.

Here is what we returned to. If you are celebrating a special occasion, don’t hesitate to talk with the amazing staff who will be happy to assist and at very reasonable rates.

Best Accommodation In Seminyak - Ginger Suites and Villa special occasion
A Romantic Extra

Meals & Drinks

There is a cute, friendly bar area along with 3 tables and chairs where you can enjoy a drink. The wall at the back of the bar area is adorned with dozens of different masks and each one has a storey.

At the side of the eating area is a backdrop of amusing quotes all centred around coffee. Once breakfast is finished each day, games (think Chinese checkers etc) are placed on the tables giving you something to do while enjoying a bit of relaxation time. Pauline consistently beats me at these and enjoys bragging rights for the rest of the day.

The bar is well equipped with the local beer, Bintang which I love! There is also a lemon version which I’m told is nice, but I stick to the original. There is also a selection of mixed alcoholic coolers in bottles to help you stay hydrated.

They make incredible coffee here, and I am known to take up a position on a bar stool early in the morning, reading a book and drinking several lattes while the wife enjoys her beauty sleep.

While this is an “open air” area, it is shaded and with the large and very effective fans, it never feels hot or overbearing and is a wonderful area to soak up the atmosphere.

Just to the side of the eating area is a complimentary range of books to choose from if you feel like unwinding by reading for an hour or so while relaxing with a Bintang or a coffee. The range of books in this mini library was extensive with something for everyone. Just another of the little touches that contribute to making this the best accommodation in Seminyak. 

A Sheltered Area For Relaxing and Breakfast or Drinks


Included in your accommodation is your breakfast. I would travel to Bali just for this!

Your breakfast includes a choice of a fresh, made to order omelette or banana pancakes. Both are sensational and we alternate back and forth. The omelette comes with your choice of ham, onion, cheese etc and is served on a slice of fresh toast. The banana pancakes in a serving of 2, complete with palm sugar syrup (I think that is the right description) which is a real treat for your taste buds.

You can also choose from a lovely fresh baked croissant if you are after something lighter.

Also included is a fresh bowl of fruit salad made daily, a glass of fresh fruit juice and our favourite part, a daily local sweet to introduce you to the food of Bali.

For something different, why not experience a floating breakfast in the pool – see the picture below. This was a fun, quirky experience and one the staff are happy to arrange for you.

And, of course, your breakfast in the morning and refreshments later in the day will be provided by the friendly, always smiling, incredible staff. Having travelled extensively, I can honestly say the Balinese people are the friendliest and happiest I have ever met.

Bali Ginger Suites and Villa pool breakfast
Floating Breakfast In The Pool
banana pancakes at bali ginger suites and villa
Banana Pancakes, Fresh Fruit & Juice For Breakfast
Bali Coffee
My early morning wake up coffee


Meals & Drinks Rating

five star rating


You’re on holiday so one of the last things you want to worry about is your laundry. 

No self service laundry here at Bali Ginger Suites & Villa. 

Instead, keep one of the bags from your bottled water purchase at the Mini Mart and stuff all your dirty clothes in it and drop at reception.

24 hours later your clothes return washed, dried, folded and smelling amazing with just a hint of some tropical scent.

The price for this – next to nothing. To be honest, I don’t remember how much each bag cost but it is incredibly cheap and just one less thing you need to worry about.

Summary – The Best Accommodation In Seminyak Just Has To Be Bali Ginger Suites & Villa

I know it’s a big call to rate a small, family owned boutique hotel the best accommodation in Seminyak, but we truly believe it is. There are dozens of seminyak resorts to choose from but we can’t find any to match Bali Ginger Suites & Villa.

We have tried other hotels, but we simply can’t go past the serenity and service you receive when staying at Bali Ginger Suites and Villa. It is a small, intimate location that just ticks all the boxes. Safe, secure, close to everything, well appointed suites, lovely pool and relaxing area and incredible value for money.

We often stay at upmarket posh 5 star hotels and resorts, however, they come with a price tag to match. When in Bali we value peace and quiet and for that, Bali Ginger Suites and Villa get our tick of approval as the best accommodation in Seminyak.

All Round Rating

five star rating

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