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Bellthorpe Stays: Why This Sunshine Coast Farm Stay Should Be Your Next Getaway

The Best Sunshine Coast Farm Stay
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Do you need a break from the chaos of work and life in suburbia? Is a digital detox on top of your “self-help” to-do list?

We had tried 3 different Sunshine Coast Farm Stays and they were OK. Then we found Bellthorpe Stays and we knew we had found the best.

After enjoying 2 separate week-long holidays here, we are convinced Bellthorpe Stays offers the most serene, peaceful and comfortable Sunshine Coast farm stay experience in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Bellthorpe Stays is situated on 400 acres of pristine land, a mix of farmland and natural Australian bushland. It is situated next to Bellthorpe National Park, which covers an area larger than 95 square kilometres. This remoteness is part of the magic of Bellthorpe Stays, which will soon cast its spell over you.

It’s a magical location that promises relaxation and adventure. Nestled amongst beautiful natural Australian bush, Bellthorpe Stays is the ideal destination for families, couples, and dog owners seeking a unique getaway.

Bushwalks, waterfalls, native Australian birds and animals, fresh air with only the smell of nature, not the stink of petrol and industry, instead calm and tranquillity. Bellthorpe Stays has it all. We love it!

If you are looking for an incredible farm stay near brisbane, read on to discover why Bellthorpe Stays should be your next getaway.

Mobile Phone Service

Mobile phone reception varies depending on your provider. Telstra is pretty solid, with coverage around the cabins and higher points. Optus works on some high spots. Vodophone might work in a couple of spots with a wing and a prayer.

Our advice is to put your phone on airplane mode and enjoy a digital detox.

Grocery Shopping

Stock up before you head up the mountain to Bellthorpe.

As with all the Sunshine Coast Hinterland Farm Stays, there is no supermarket next door.

There are no shops at Bellthorpe. The nearest shops are at Maleny but we prefer the small IGA at Woodford. It’s much quieter and we think it has better prices.

Maleny and Woodford are both 25 to 30 minutes (ish), depending on traffic. Maleny is an easier drive but Woodford is definitely quieter and easier to navigate with far fewer tourists.

Where is Bellthorpe Stays Located and How To Get There?

Bellthorpe Stays is at the end of Willett Rd. (2 km along gravel road). It is half an hour from Maleny or Woodford to Bellthorpe Stays and their amazing cabins.

From Brisbane.

Head north on the Bruce Highway or M1. Take exit 152B to the D’Aguilar Highway and Kilcoy. Drive about 30 km through Wamuran, stopping at Woodford for groceries and any last-minute supplies.

A few km’s past Woodford, turn right onto Kilcoy Beerwah Rd. After about 9 km, turn left onto Nonmus Rd. and continue straight onto Bellthorpe Range Rd. Stay on Bellthorpe Range Road up the mountain. This is a steep and windy, but very good quality bit of road but take it easy.

Keep driving and you will pass Bellthorpe Hall on your right-hand side. Another couple of klm’s and Willett Road are on your right-hand side. Turn right and travel 2 km along the dirt road, which ends at Bellthorpe Stays.

A mud map of where Bellthorpe Stays is and how to get there – I’d still use Google Maps

From Maleny

Take the Woodford turnoff on the left-hand side at the end of town. Travel along Maleny Stanley River Rd. for 14 km, then turn right at the Bellthorpe turnoff (green sign), which is about 600 metres after the Postmans Track corner and before the big red “Steep Descent” sign.

Drive along Mears Lane, Gap Road, Campbell Road and Bellthorpe Range Road, which are one continuous windy road to the Community Hall.

Continue straight ahead along Bellthorpe West Road and, about 3 km past the Hall, turn right into Willett Rd.

From Beerwah.

Start by taking Woodford Road, continue past Peachester for about 7 km, take the Maleny Stanley River Road, look for the big green signs to the right and then continue up the hill for about 6 km.

At the top, turn left at the green Bellthorpe sign. Continue along Mears Lane, Gap Road, Campbell Road, and Bellthorpe Range Road, which are one continuous windy road, to the Community Hall.

Continue straight ahead along Bellthorpe West Road and, about 3 km past the Hall, turn right onto Willett Road.

Via Stoney Creek Road (also known as Brandon Road).

A 4WD is strongly recommended. A little bit over 3 km west of the Beerwah/Kilcoy/Woodford intersection, turn right (or left if coming from Kilcoy) into Stoney Creek Road.

Follow this road for about 15 kilometers up the range. The first part is bitumen, then soon after the causeway, it turns to gravel and gets very windy.

You will pass the forestry roads of Branch Creek Road on the right and Beacon Road, then Bellthorpe Park Road on the left.

About a kilometre after Bellthorpe Park Rd., turn right onto Bellthorpe West Road. You have gone too far if you get to the Old Mill site. The road is dirt, and then at the grid, it changes to bitumen. 2.6 km after the grid, veer left into Willett Road (unsigned) or 50 metres further on a very sharp left into a second entrance to Willett Rd (signed).

*Note: Stoney Creek Rd. (or Brandon Rd.) may be closed in the National Park section. Seek advice before using.

On Arriving At Bellthorpe Stays

Look out for the sign to your accommodation halfway down the driveway. Continuing straight, Bellthorpe Cottage is the first building that you come to near the end of the driveway.

Merry Christmas! At the end of a 2 klm dirt road. Welcome to Bellthorpe Stays

For the cabins, turn left halfway down the driveway. Bowerbird is the first cabin on the left, at the top of the hill. Birdwing is the second cabin. Whipbird is the third cabin further along the driveway, just over the top of the hill on the right-hand side.

Slow Down & Enjoy Everything This Sunshine Coast Farm Stays Accommodation Has To Offer

After your drive, take a moment to relax before unpacking. Sit on the balcony and let the calm sweep over you as the stress of your normal day simply melts away.

A Panoramic Photo taken from the balcony of Birdwing Cabin. Spectacular!

Do you hear that? That’s right, nothing. That’s what you hear. No office sounds, no traffic, sirens, trucks, trains, or planes. Just quiet and calm, with some Australian bush noises and maybe a moo or two from the farm cows.

Turn your phone to airplane mode and just chill. You deserve it.

Experience the Best Cabins in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland

Bellthorpe Stays boasts a range of comfortable and charming cabins in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Each cabin is designed to provide a cozy and relaxing atmosphere, surrounded by the calm and beauty of nature.

The well equiped kitchen in Whipbird Cabin

There are 4 different cabins to choose from, all of which are pet-friendly – subject to approval prior to arrival

  • Bellthorpe Cottage. Sleeping 3 with a queen bed and single.
  • Bowerbird Cabin. A 2 bedroom cabin. Each bedroom has a queen bed and a sofa bed in the living area.
  • Birdwing Cabin. A 2 bedroom cabin suited for families with a queen bed in bedroom one and 2 singles in bedroom 2. Plus, there is a sofa bed in the living area.
  • Whipbird Cabin. 2 bedrooms, with a queen bed in bedroom 1 and a queen plus a single in bedroom 2, and a sofa bed in the living area.
The driveway to Whipbird Cabin

All the cabins are very well appointed and come with the following:

  • Reverse cycle air conditioning and ceiling fans.
  • Slow combustion wood fireplaces with all materials supplied including matches, kindling, fire lighters, and split wood.
  • 2 x 2 seater Sofa lounge ( one usable as an extra bed) and chairs, coffee table, reading lamp.
  • Bedrooms. Bedding, pillows, bedside table, lamp, clothes storage, wall hooks for clothing and an electric blanket in winter.
  • Linen. All required pillow slips, sheets, blankets, doona, towels, hand towels, a bath mat and tea towels.
  • Laundry/Bathroom. Washing machine, detergent, clothes rack, laundry tub, pegs, spare towels, hair dryer, iron and board, shower.
  • Toilet in a separate room in 2 bedroom cabins for some added privacy.
  • Kitchen. A toaster, hot water jug, tea and coffee starter kit, oven and gas cooktop, cutlery, crockery, utensils, saucepans, fry pan, dishes, good size fridge, microwave, cups and glasses, dining table, chairs, and placemats.
  • Gas BBQ and cooking gear; outdoor setting, bird seed.
  • TV, DVD player, Bluetooth stereo.
A beautifully appointed lounge view an incredible view

Also included is use of the Old Dairy Shed guest facilities with free Wi-Fi, games, books, DVDs, and a clothes dryer.

All the cabins are equipped with a lovely balcony with a table and chairs, along with a bird feeder and an endless supply of bird food. Every cabin have been positioned so that you always have a beautiful view of the surrounding bushland and/or farmland.

No matter which cabin you choose, you can be confident that you will be comfortable, well-equipped, and ready to relax in some of the best dog-friendly cabins on the Sunshine Coast.


Enjoy South East Queensland Farm Stays and All They Offer.

Farm stays in southeast Queensland offer a unique opportunity to experience rural life. At Bellthorpe Stays, you can enjoy the simplicity and tranquility of farm life while staying in modern accommodations.

Hello cocky! 2 sulphur crested cockatoos

You can wander down to the farm house to feed the chickens or maybe garb a bag of carrots or apples for the cows or Charlie the single horse at Bellthorpe Stays. Charlie loves apples and is very gentle. In the afternoon, if you grab an apple or two and call his name from the fenceline, he will often come running up to enjoy a juicy apple and a pat on the head.

Rainbow Lorikeets and a King Parrot stopping by for a feed

Pet-Friendly Farm Stay: Bring Your Furry Friends Along

Bellthorpe Stays is a dog-friendly farm stay, meaning that your furry friend, subject to approval, can join you on your holiday. You can relax knowing your dog is welcome and can share the adventure with you. Dogs must be approved at the time of booking, so email the owners, David & Wendy Clark, at

A Greyhound doing what a Greyhound does
And more of the same high activity levels

There are rules around taking your dog, such as that only one dog is permitted and they can’t run free as there are no dog-proof fences, only cow-proof fences.

Check with David and Wendy to be safe before booking. Be prepared to enjoy a visit from the friendly farm dogs, Dodge and Puku.

Unwind at the Best Sunshine Coast Farm Stays

We find that Bellthorpe Stays is one of, if not the top, of the Sunshine Coast farm stays. Bellthorpe Stays offers a blend of rustic charm and modern amenities. You really will experience the best of both worlds as you relax in the well-appointed accommodations.

The wood fires are so nice. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy curling up around a crackling fire. It does get cold at Bellthorpe Stays, even in Summer and Spring. The slow combustion fires are a must.

Nothing beats a nice fire on a cool night, Even in the middle of summer!

On the flip side, it can be very hot, so the reverse cycle air-conditioning is a life saver in summer. The ceiling fans in the living areas and bedrooms are a great touch. Just ask my wife, who can’t sleep without a fan, regardless of the temperature.

Enjoy Rainforest Walks In Sunshine Coast Hinterland

One of the highlights of staying at Bellthorpe Stays is the opportunity to enjoy the various rainforest walks. Explore lush rainforests on well-maintained and signposted tracks, discover hidden waterfalls, make the easy climb to the outlook and immerse yourself in nature.

We have the laziest Greyhound the world has ever seen BUT she loves these rainforest walks. There is so much for her to sniff and smell. At home, she doesn’t like more than 600 to 800 mtr’s. When we go to Bellthorpe, 3 klm’s is no issue at all, especially with a cooling dip in the creek at the halfway point.

Our silly girl Ruby enjoying a swim. The photo is deceiving. The water was crystal clear.

Family Farm Stays On The Sunshine Coast: Fun for All Ages

Bellthorpe Stays is perfect for a family farm stay on the Sunshine Coast. With plenty of activities for children and adults alike, it’s a destination that promises fun and relaxation for everyone.

Reconnect with Nature at Bellthorpe Stays

Bellthorpe Stays offers a unique opportunity to reconnect with nature. Whether you’re exploring the farm, walking through the rainforest, or simply relaxing in your cabin, nature is always at your doorstep.

The view from the Whipbird Cabin Balcony

Indulge in Farm-Fresh Delights

Enjoy farm-fresh produce during your stay at Bellthorpe Stays. From fresh eggs to organic vegetables, indulge in the flavors of the farm and experience true farm-to-table dining. These picnic baskets must be ordered in advance and will be a highlight of your stay

Now you’ve decided Bellthorpe Stays is perfect for your next holiday, click the picture below to book today.

Perfect Retreat for Couples

Bellthorpe Stays is an ideal retreat for couples seeking a romantic getaway. One of the things we love about this amazing Sunshine Coast farm stay is that all 4 cabins are spaced out and 100% private.

Clever placement and sensitive, minimal clearing mean each cabin is invisible to all others, This privacy gives you the feeling of being completely alone with only the birds and animals as visitors.

With private cabins and serene surroundings, it’s the perfect place to relax and reconnect with your partner.

Explore the Sunshine Coast Hinterland

The Sunshine Coast Hinterland is full of hidden gems waiting to be explored. From quaint villages to scenic drives, there’s something for everyone to enjoy during their stay at Bellthorpe Stays.

Visit Maleny

Around 30 minutes from Bellthorpe Stays is the town of Maleny, situated high in the hinterland. Once a thriving dairy and timber town, today Maleny is renowned for its flourishing arts and crafts shops and artisans.

No trip to Maleny is complete without a visit to the Maleny Botanic Gardens and Birdworld (Info here) or Maleny Dairies (Info here). And no trip to this part of the world would be complete without a few hours at the Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve, situated on 55 hectares of subtropical rainforest. With many bushwalks and a rainforest discovery centre, it is a must see. I’ve included more information here.

Glasshouse Mountains

No stay at a Sunshine Coast Farm Stay would be complete without a trip to the famous and awe-inspiring Glasshouse Mountains. With 12 mountains making up the group, it is very easy to spend a day just learning and exploring these natural phenomena.

A great place to get started is at the Glass House Mountains Visitor and Interpretive Centre. A comfortable 45 minute drive from Bellthorp Stays via Peachester. Check it out here.

Eco-Friendly Accommodations

Bellthorpe Stays is committed to sustainability. All cabins have rainwater tanks and solar. Firewood is only collected from trees that have fallen or died naturally in the bush. You are encouraged to keep kitchen scraps to feed the farm chickens. I know there was more, but it’s not coming to mind.

Another shot from the balcony of Whipbird Cabin sith Charlie the horse on the right in the shadows

They provide eco-friendly accommodations that are designed to minimize environmental impact while providing maximum comfort.

Summing It All Up…

We love staying at Bellthorpe Stays and consider David, Wendy, Dodge and Puku as friends. Every time we stay here, we are sad to leave but head home feeling fully refreshed.

Bellthorpe Stays offers a unique farm stay experience on the Sunshine Coast that combines comfort, adventure, and natural beauty. Whether you’re looking for a family vacation, a romantic retreat, or a pet-friendly getaway, Bellthorpe Stays has something for everyone. Don’t wait—click the book now button and start planning your perfect farm stay today!

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